Sunday, June 15, 2008

So sad :(

I talked to my future DIL Nicole today at 4 to see what their plans were change to since it was storming, and she said she was picking up her DD and my DS Tim and GS were meeting her at the movie theater to see the Kung fu Panda movie. So GS Aiden would be at my house around 7..
A little before 7 DS Tim calls and says Mom Nicole should be pulling in your house any min her ex father inlaw just passed away. I looked and there she is walking up the driveway. I open the door and Jaylin (just turn 3 ) says Ms Lisa, Pops won't wake up and he went to hospital... This baby just watched her grandmother try to bring her grandfather back to life. It was the hardest thing for me not to start crying... It's so hard for them to realize what's going on, I remember Tim at the same age asking when is daddy coming home, he didn't fully understand that daddy died and went to heaven...
How I wish we could protect children from the hurt.... Jaylin is going to have a hard time not see her pops since he took care of her while mommy works.. Also Jaylins maternal grandmother is the one I made the healing doll for, so Jaylin may lose another grandparent.

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Penny said...

So sad, indeed. I'm glad the child hada place to go at that point.