Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday uggggg

I know again I've been quiet and not blogging... We had another death in the family on Wed and funeral was this morning.... They say it comes in three's so lets hope that's true and we don't have any more this year.... :(

I have done some sewing this week it tends to keep my mind on it instead of wandering... I have 5 dotee dolls done and 5 more ready to stuff and embellish... I'll get pictures posted later... I'm hoping to get them done today, now that DH is able to do most everything except driving and lifting I don't have to wait on him much now....

I've drawn a blank on the 1 block swap, I've auditioned several items with it but nothing jumps out and says I'm it.... I did get some stitching done while at the hospital but nothing else... :)

As I'm sitting here writing this I realize I have a lot that needs to get done ASAP. Like a mommy daughter apron set done for my cousin and her daughter for her daughters b-day in Aug... Baby blankets for 2 baby due soon (Oct 31 and Nov 8)... I'm leaning to doing taggies, it would be real nice if I knew the sexes then I could do blue or pink... Course I could do yellow or green... I'm also wanting to make a few things for my SS for the next month or so... Oh I can't forget I have 5 CQ ornaments to make for a swap and I'm seriously thinking of hosting a swap myself for CQ ornaments... Still Thinking...

Well if I don't get off here I'm not going to get anything done today... Till later

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