Friday, December 26, 2008

Only 5 more days

Left of 2008.. What will 2009 bring?

What goal will I set for 2009? I'm happy to say my 2008 goal was to quit smoking and I did... Ok so I've taken a puff off one of the kids smokes here and there, but hay when I quit I gave up my only stress reliever so stress builds up and that one little puff settles me down and then I'm good for a month or so...

I'm seriously thinking of setting a goal of completing one handmade a month and I'm not talking one little item I'm thinking twin or lap quilt size... Of course this is over and above my CQ RR.. Wouldn't it be nice if I could made for everyone on my 2009Christmas list? Comments Please!!!

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Sherry said...

I would've loved to have seen Jaylin's face about Papa and Santa being friends. Kids are so cute!

I am glad you kept your 2008 resolution.

I don't make them. Resolutions that is. It's one day at at time here. Of course, I don't smoke, drink, cuss - well a little, lie - ummm. ;0)