Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year to everyone!!! I hope that 2009 is filled with Happiness,Good health and many hours of quilting and/or stitching for all!!!

We had a wonderful New years day even though DH is still fighting the flu...
DGS #1 has been here since Monday and DGS #2 arrived this evening I wish I had my video camera. I got tears in my eyes seeing them hugging each other hello. They are 11 months apart in age and as different as night and day but are best of friends.
tomorrow were going to the park to feed the ducks and play....

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Christine said...

I'm so glad to hear you're having such a wonderful New Year!!! My sister told me that she gets tears in her eyes whenever her twin daughters hug (they're almost 3). She says it's so very sweet! They too are very different but best friends. :D

To answer your question about my penguin costume, I used Simplicity 0524. I documented the whole process you can read it if you'd like (have time) starting with this post #1

or you can just see more pictures of the girls in the costumes here: