Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help has started to arrive

I received a package in the mail yesterday from ICanMakeit who's on the HGTV board. It contained some very pretty pieces of fabric. If I don't use it all in Hannah's quilt then I'll be using it in another comfy quilt I'm needing to make.

I recently located a very good friend of mind from Jr and Sr High school. We haven't seen each other in almost (gulp) 30 years so finding her on line was a joy. She lives not very far from me. Anyways her and her husband contacted Lyme disease somewhere before 1991. Even though she had health problems the dr's never figured out it was Lyme disease. In 1992 they had their daughter who was sickly from birth and by age 6 couldn't keep down her meals. 4 years later they had their son who now suffers from seizures and aching joints. Then in 2006 my friend started searching for answers on her own and while searching their symptoms hit on Lyme disease. Once all 4 were tested it showed they all suffered from Lyme disease.
So I'm going to make the girl 16 and the boy 12 comfy quilts.


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Linda said...

Glad stuff has started to arrive - hopefully more will soon! :)
Sorry to hear about your friends family having Lyme disease - glad it was figured out though! Very nice of you to make the kids quilts! Quilts are like a big huge hug to make things more bareable!