Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I need a little help!

I want to make H a comfort quilt for this bout of CHEM*O. I spoke to her mommy today and she said H loves all colors no favorites but just loves Dora and Disney Princess's.
Where I need help is I don't have any Dora or Princess material and I was wondering if the great ladies of HGTV board and those in Blogging world could help me out with 6.5 unfinished blocks..
The blocks can be any pattern just in bright cheerful girly colors or Dora or Princess...
I can't help her with money (which I know she needs for gas and meds)but I can help put a smile on this baby face when see the quilt and it will keep her warm and comfy during CHEM*O treatments.

P.S. You may post a link to this post on your blog...
I removed the picture due to some seedy people viewing the site


Holee said...

I don't have any Dora or Princess fabric but I do have cute flannel pillow cases that I made for Con Kerr Cancer that I haven't sent in yet. If you think she would like one, send me your name and addy and I'll send you one for her.

Holee said...

Sorry Lisa. I just read the you don't want any of your blog reproduced. I just put a link to your blog on my blog and asked for 6.5 blocks for you...if you want me to remove it, let me know.

Holee said...

Lisa, I'm an idiot..I wrote down your addy and can't read what I wrote. Can you please send me the name of your street again so I can get this package in the mail...Thanks

cindyquiltsOR said...

I have a piece of Disney Princess fabric I would love to send on to you. I got it to make pillow cases for my darling b'friend's daughter; then he told me: nothing pastel.

So ... it is yours!

Cindy B.
Happy Valley, Oregon