Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Little H...

I wrote about H back in Oct this is an update I wish it was good new... Please say a prayer for H and her mommy, they need all the prayer they can get for a big miracle...
Here's mommy E's note...
Good morning-

Let me begin this with our genuine thanks and gratitude. H and I are so strong by the love and prayers that surround us.

H and I came home yesterday afternoon. What a joy it was to be back in our environment. H, although tired, was so excited she could not sit still. :) She was very eager to get into mommy's "jumpy bed" and watch movies. Right now, I have her set up with her tent in the TV room and she is lying like a princess.

I took some time before writing this update, as I needed to be able to write our status with a fresh mind. With that said....we left the hospital with some unfortunate news.

H's final pathology report came back. We know that her left was full of cancer and we are beyond grateful that it is completely out of her. However, the small part taken from her right, came back POSITIVE for active cancer as well. The part removed did have clear margins and that cancerous site is completely gone, but there is a possibility that there is more (but it is not visible).

With that said, H is starting a NEW, very aggressive course of CHEMO on Thursday for about 9 weeks. With only one kidney, and knowing that there is a possibility of active Cancer inside, we need to do our best to eliminate its growth and progression. H will loose all of her hair within 10-14 days. She will more than likely get sick the day of chemo and the day after. This chemo is very risky and hurtful to the heart as it "squeezes" it. So H will be followed for the rest of her life from the Kidney side, Cancer side and now the Heart side.

Going into the hospital, I thought we would be leaving with some relief, unfortunately I can't put my guard down at all. I will be working with her team and abiding by all of their rules and regulations to a T.

Right now, this situation is out of our control. This is the nature of the beast and the beast is CANCER. H has fought hard thus far, and I will not allow her to fight any less hard now.

I will keep you posted as to her next steps. On a positive note, Hannah and I have been adopted by Parker's Pals. Please visit this site to better understand. http://www.parkerspals.org/

We are thrilled to have Parker's family in our corner and little Parker's angel sitting on H's shoulder.

With love,

E and H H

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