Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm around

Just wanted to say I'm around just been very busy getting things done... We had a death in the family today and Thursday is the 1 year anniversary of Dh's brother's death. So not a good week, and tomorrow is the anniversary of our first date doesn't look like we'll be in the mood to celebrate..
"Update on H" H caught a virus and then her mommy got it so they have asked that everyone stay away for a bit so H can get back on her feet with no added germs getting around her... So we'll see about delivery of the quilt being later in the week... But before the 30th since I'll have my oldest grandson for that week while he's out on spring break...


Holee said...

Like your bunny!

I wonder if they continue treatment when she is sick? Poor little thing. By the sounds of it, that bug was going around.

Hope everyone feels better soon. Thanks for posting the up date.

Sorry to hear you are having a sobering family time. First date...I don't think I know of anyone who celebrates must be TRUE LOVE!

everythingquilts said...

Lisa, I'm sorry to hear things haven't been good lately. Thanks for the update.