Friday, October 5, 2012

Glade Expressions® Collections Review

My review of Glade Expressions® products. Let me say first it was VERY hard to even find the kits,this having to do with the BOGO free Glade coupon that was released a few weeks before receiving the Bzzagent kit.
I finally did find them and purchased the Glade Expressions Oil diffuser scent of Pineapple & Mangosteen along with the Fuji Apple Cardamom Mist. I have the Oil diffuser sitting in the hall way near the guest bathroom it smells delicious, and I’m not the only one several guest have comment wow what smells so good… My husband is totally in love with the Fuji Apple Cardamom Mist, he’s spraying every chance he gets. His favorite thing to do is spray in the air intake vent so it sends the sent throughout the house. I finally was able to find a Fuji Apple Oil Diffuser and have it sitting on his desk in the bedroom.

I Love the Oil Diffuser they blend in to your décor very well; in fact most of my guest couldn’t locate it. I believe Glade needs to adjust the wick a bit so that the oil last longer. I’m hoping to see some Winter Refills for the diffuser soon..
I’m also a fan of the Fragrance Mist, I love the way it sprays, having carp tunnel it’s hard for me to push down on spray cans however squeezing this spray is no problem. I love all the scents I’ve tried so far just wish the scent would linger a bit longer. I also realized last night that the mist has a bit too much water in it. I sprayed the mist in a hallway a few minutes later I was walking through and noticed the tile wet, thinking maybe the roof was leaking I wiped it up and noticed the Fuji Apple smell. I’ll have to be very careful around my wood and leather furniture. All and all I’m pleased with the mist, hoping to see more scents appearing soon, maybe even some winter or holiday scents!!
Thank You Glade for these new products and Thanks BzzAgent for the chance to test these products for free.
I am a BzzAgent and received coupons to test the products for free…

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